Today we are happy to introduce our new gaming feature which offers users the ability to earn credits 24/7, simply by playing games!

Yes, thats right. You can now play games and collect offerwall credits every 60 seconds, as many times as you want. 

How does it work?

Simply navigate to the ''Offers'' tab on top of your dashboard and go to the first ''Offerwall'' in the list. Read the instructions carefully and start a game session. You'll be directed to the gaming portal. Pick a game, start playing, and enjoy earning! 

Your credits will automatically transfer to your offerwall balance after claiming. 
Note that the game session will be closed if you do nothing for several minutes. You will have to navigate back to the offerwall page to start a new game session. 

Happy earnings! 

Views: 995 | Comments: 0 | Date: 08 Apr 2023 18:53