What's Next?

As you know, we are constantly looking to improve the experience of our users by adding more profitable features.
And i can tell you that we have a huge suprise coming for you.

Yesterday we reached 3,000 sign ups! This is a small accomplishment, but doesn't mean we can't celibrate :) This is why we increased
the offerwall Token reward up to 12 credits per minute. 

The next thing that is coming are new games! Yep, and they are going to be the best games yet. Keep an eye on the ''Games'' tab, because the first can show up any day now.

Another reminder is the Discord channel. It has some delay but we will soon be able to open the channel 
and offer a place to chat, get support, show your gains, free earning guides and get some free coupons! We will be notiftying everyone when it's available.
To stay on point... Someone suggested to open a Telegram channel, so we are considering that option to.

Ofcourse we have to save the best for last.
We figured out an amazing strategy which enables us to offer long-term income for every user on our site.
Basically we are going to give you the opportunity to earn a part of our revenue, every single day!

Unfortunately i can't give more details at this point. 
You'll just have to be patient for a few more weeks and be ready to build your passive income stream on LikeaFaucet!

Stay tuned!

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