As some of you have noticed, we changed the Token to Coin ratio today. 

It was an important change we had to make because it turns out that active users on our site are accumulating to many Tokens, while it is only possible to exchange a specific amount of Tokens at x amount of time. Resulting in more Tokens then time to exchange them.

So we had to act now... 

Previously the ratio was:

1$ = 10,000 Coins = 315,000 Tokens 

The current rate is now:

1$ = 10,000 Coins = 50,000 Tokens

This means you are now able to convert Tokens to Coins 6x faster then before! 

With the change of the rate we also had to change a lot of rewards for several features such as shortlinks, ptc and more.
Don't be alarmed by the smaller reward! 

You'll get the same reward compared to a dollar but for less Tokens. 

Let's see an example. 

If you completed 1000 shortlinks and earned arround 70,000 Tokens, you would spend several hours exchanging them to Coins. 
But now you complete 1000 shortlinks and earn 12,000 Tokens and only spend several minutes to exchange them for the same amount of Coins. 

We know this will change the dynamic drastically and hope all users are now able to exchange their hard earned Tokens much faster in a considerable amount of time. 

Enjoy the new update, and for those who have a lot of Tokens in their balance, enjoy the 6x reward bonus for this time only! 

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