Here we are again with a brand new update! 

Some of you might have been waiting for the new features that we talked about in previous news messages.
But we can assure you that big things are going to happen with the faucet. And nothing has been removed from the scedule.

First of all we came to the conclussion that our advertising prices for PTC, Video Ads and Banner Ads are to high, so we drastically decreased every advertising offer. 
Some prices dropped over 70% in price compared to previous pricing!

Example 1: 
You can now order 2500 banner impressions for the insane low price of $0.25 :O

Example 2: 
You can now order 1000 PTC clicks for the lowest price of $0.40! 

More changes we made: 

- Decrease referral purchase price from $0.1 to $0.05.
- Decreased ALL advertising offers atleast 50% or more in price.
- Increased ALL contest prices up to 100%.
- Increased ALL contest rewards from 5 to 10 prices.
- Completed Twitter & Discord channel.

We have atleast 15 adjustments and a bunch of new features planned for the faucet, but it turns out that some features require more work and testing then we expected. Our social media platforms will be launched when we integrate our socials with the faucet.
We will continue to expand and adjust according to the users requirements. 
We hope that these changes are another positive change in our early adventure. 

Our team will keep you posted on the current and upcoming developments, so keep an eye on the news for more information.

Happy earnings! 

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