We have to admit that it has been quite for a while on the news section. In previous news we mentioned new features and updates for the faucet. 

But we came to the conclussion that even with new script updates and features, we still wouldn't be able to compete with the best faucets or crypto platforms out there.

So we made an important decision not to waste more time changing features or adding pages to this faucet... In fact, we made the decision to completely re-design the faucet and re-evaluate all aspects of the website. 

So we found a perfect team with amazing skills to make this new project happen, and the reason why we haven't been posted much, is because we are already working hard behind the scenes to make this happen. 

We want to give you a sneak peak of what you can expect and how drastically everything is about to change. 

Behold a "small demo" version of the new user dashboard: 

We decided to delete several features because they are counter productive for the user. An example of that would be the removal of Auto and Manual faucet.
There is no reason to even have a faucet when it takes hours and hours for our users to convert Tokens. 

Same goes for CPU mining, which is not a bad feature. But it takes an insane amount of time and energy to collect anything worth mentioning.

We valuated every feature and basically removed everything that is not something our users are excited for. 

Now what exactly are the things that did make the list you might ask? Well let us give you a few examples ;) 

The Bonus Roll will be replaced by a new Bonus Wheel. And no, you don't have to solve shortlinks anymore in order to roll the wheel!

Membership plans will be removed and replaced by something called the VIP System. You are not required to buy any membership anymore to unlock features.

Interest page will be removed and replaced by a Revenue Share Model. 

Achievements will be removed and replaced by Daily Quests. 

Weekly challenge will also be replaced by the Daily Quests feature. 

Lottery will now have 10 winners instead of 1.

And one more interesting feature we can disclose is the integration of the "Arena". The Arena will have an actual PVP mode where people can battle each other for coins. There will be 1V1, 2V2, 3V3 and 4V4 battles available. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg! We expect to new version to be ready within 30 days. But it all depends on the testing afterwards. 

While your waiting, say hello to one of our new characters that will help you win feature battles ;) 

And stay tuned! 

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